Crime hits new low

January 23, 2018

Hong Kong’s law and order situation kept improving last year with 56,017 crime cases recorded, the lowest figure since 1975.


Reviewing last year’s crime situation at a press conference today, Commissioner of Police Stephen Lo said there were 7.6% fewer cases than in 2016.


He said the results can be attributed to the concerted efforts of Police staff and the law-abiding majority of the public.


There were fewer cases of homicide, robbery, rape, blackmail, burglary, serious drug offences, wounding and serious assault, criminal damage, criminal intimidation, arson and deception.


There were 163 robberies, 97 less than the previous year and the lowest since 1969.


Mr Lo said Police will uphold the rule of law and the steady law and order situation in Hong Kong.


“You can see in the past three years the crime rate has continued to decrease, like in 2016 it is the lowest since 1978, and then last year it is the lowest since 1975.


“So although we are under a lot of pressure and difficulties, I just want to reassure the public, despite (this) we will seek reasonable protection for my officer(s), but at the same time we will remain steadfast in our duty because it is my job and also my officers’ job.”

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