My decisions lawful: SJ

January 5, 2018

Secretary for Justice Rimsky Yuen said the Central People’s Government has accepted his resignation and that decisions he made during his tenure were in accordance with the law.


Speaking to the media today, he said Hong Kong has faced numerous challenges in the past five-and-a-half years and there were bound to be differences of opinion over his work and decisions.


“I think in all those cases, hand on heart, I can tell you that on each and every occasion, the ultimate decision was made in accordance with the law.


“We understand that people would have perhaps very divergent views. In my post, my belief has all along been that we have to stick to legal principles even though we know that some people may not like our decisions.”


Mr Yuen thanked both the former and incumbent Chief Executive for nominating him and also the Central Government for appointing him as Secretary for Justice.


He also expressed gratitude to his colleagues, adding that without their assistance and support it would have been difficult to handle many challenges.


Mr Yuen said he was confident Secretary for Justice designate Teresa Cheng would perform very well in the post with her extensive experience and wisdom.

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